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New features

SpaceCAD 5 provides key improvements and introduces important new features to help you build model rockets. While more powerful and feature-rich than ever, this new version also feels perfectly familiar for existing users with easy-to-use controls and trusted technologies.

Improved rocket design

SpaceCAD 5 features a highly improved element structure. This has the following benefits:

  • Now you can have fins on transitions, to build rocket designs like the German A4 / V2
  • You can add multiple fins and launch lugs on a body tube for simpler & more realistic design
  • You can put a reducer at the end of the tube to reduce drag
Also, the positioning of elements has greatly improved: you can position them from top / middle / end of parent, or absolute. SpaceCAD's engine dialog has also been updated to display the engine's thrust curve and engine characteristics.

To round it up, we have updated the parts databases and added new engines. Now SpaceCAD contains 590+ nose cones, 50+ launch lugs, 260+ transitions, 630+ tubes plus 1200+ model rocket engines.

Streamlined user interface

The most important improvement is the ability to completely undo every step in your rocket's design. This saves you a lot of time and gives you the ability to try out things with confidence.

A lot of functionality is now available directly through the user interface instead of in a dialog. For example, you can change 2D and 3D color and see the results immediately.

Recovery Prediction - from apogee to landing

The recovery designer allows you to analyze and fine-tune your rocket's landing. This allows you to exactly see how long and how far away your rocket will float and how long it will take until it reaches the ground.

This is especially helpful if you need to build your recovery system for an exact floating time, like in the TARC contest. Also, this feature allows your rocket to have two recovery systems that work in tandem. It can work on altitude ejection, time based ejection (after apogee or after launch), giving high-power rocketeers all the freedom they need to succesfully recover their rockets.

You can also prepare different recovery systems by running multiple simulations for different wind speeds.

Launch Site Modeling - more realistic flight predictions

SpaceCAD allows you to enter launch site details like air pressure, height, humidity to realistically model the air density. Entering your local launch data results in a more accurate flight prediction, because the air density has an impact on your rocket's flight. Alternatively, you can also let SpaceCAD use the "standard atmosphere" that uses a standardized way for the air density based on your launch site height.

This feature allows you to simulate how the rocket flies at different launch sites - for example, if you're in Florida you can better prepare for the different conditions in Virginia.

Find out the real cd-Value

SpaceCAD allows you to find out the real cd value by providing means to compare the measured altitude with the computed one.

Predicting the real cd value is difficult. Even complex algorithms that some software provides often does not reflect the "real" cd value of a model rocket.

But, with today's means, it's easy to do it the other way round: equip your model rocket with an altimeter to measure the "real" altitude. Enter that data in SpaceCAD, and it will compute the real cd value from that. A very exact way to find out the real cd value!

Windows 8 and Windows 10

SpaceCAD 5 is fully certified for Windows 8 and Windows 10 so it's ready to go on all the latest PCs. In fact, SpaceCAD works perfectly on all Windows operating systems from Windows XP onward.

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I had been using V2 happily and didn't realize that later versions had been released. I must admit that a move to Windows 7 is what prompted me to look at the latest version.

Having looked at it and created a couple of quick designs I can say that it still does everything we want but does it so much better! The 3D renders and the use of color is great.

- Dave Procter

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