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Built for classrooms

Ignite student engagement and energize learning through real-life problem solving ‐ and launching a real rocket at the end of the project! Give students an understanding of the things that affect a rocket in flight and how to achieve best performance and safety. Develop and test model rockets, gather and analyze data and much more. Tap into student's innate desire to explore, investigate and learn.

Inspire imagination and creativity

Model rocketry allows our future scientists, designers and engineers to explore their talents and to work hands-on to grasp Information and Control Technology (ICT), math, science, engineering and design & technology, through practical experience and demonstration. Design rockets on a PC, build them for real and get outside for real rocket launching and safe recovery.

One of my students who has extremely low self-esteem, tried your software for the first time yesterday, and took to it like a duck to water. She was the first one to finish a complete, original design that was stable and launched perfectly. It really made her day! Thanks for such awesome software!

- Christopher Hoppner, Locust Valley CSD

Make learning fun

There's a lot to learn with model rocketry and SpaceCAD: You can investigate the basic principles of rocketry like aerodynamics and forces of flight (lift, drag, thrust, and gravity). Students can learn hands-on about material properties (density, volume) and understand the difference between distance, velocity and acceleration. They can grasp concepts like impulse, numeric precision, momentum, efficiency, kinetic and potential energy and much more.

When I started using SpaceCAD, it was not to design and scratch build as I generally teach the subject to Year 6 (10 year old) children with a fairly limited timescale. What I use SpaceCAD for was to give the children an understanding of the things that affect a rocket in flight and how to achieve the best performance and safety from a design.

The flight calculations and visual representations that SpaceCAD produce are perfect for this. I like to restrict their initial designs to a single motor type and watch their competitive nature improve the designs to achieve maximum altitude and compare with their friends! When they are more at home with the software (doesn't take long) I let their creativity run free. The next phase of the project is for teams to build a kit rocket and fly them in front of the whole school on a nice day! The project is always a winner!

I would have no hesitation in recommending SpaceCAD to friends and colleagues in fact over my time working in schools I can think of 4 schools that have run similar projects using SpaceCAD following my recommendation.

- Dave Procter

Easy to install, easy to maintain

The installation of SpaceCAD is incredibly easy. No hardware locking, no hassling with complex license key files. Just enter the license key and you're set.

SpaceCAD runs on many school systems without trouble. It works on Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP. It has passed Microsoft's compatibility tests for 64-bit and 32-bit Windows 7 and Windows 8. To earn the “Compatible with Windows” logo, SpaceCAD had to pass Microsoft designed installation, performance, reliability, and security tests.

Model rocket competitions

If you are passionate about model rocketry, take the challenge and take your team to one of these competitions!

Team America Rocketry Challenge

The Team America Rocketry Challenge (TARC) is an extra- curricular hands-on project-based learning program. It is modeled around the aerospace industry's design, fabrication and testing processes. All students participate in a team of 3-10 students to design, build, and fly a rocket. Like aerospace companies work within specific design parameters, every year the challenge requires teams to achieve the same basic mission-oriented goals of hitting a precise altitude, landing within a specific flight time window, and returning a raw egg (“the astronaut”) without cracking. SpaceCAD is proud to be official software for this event.


The United Kingdom Aerospace Youth Rocketry Challenge (UKAYRoC) is the largest model rocket showcase in the UK. It provides secondary school student teams (3 to 5 members), aged 11-18yrs a realistic experience in designing a flying aerospace vehicle that meets a specified set of mission and performance requirements. Students have to work together in teams, just as aerospace engineers do. It is not intended to be easy, but it is well within the capabilities of secondary school students with a good background in science and maths, and some craftsmanship skills. The key goal of UKAYRoC is to “Encourage school children to enter the world of aerospace and science”. SpaceCAD is proud to be official software for this event.

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Keep up the great work, you're doing a fantastic job!
- Dave Procter

I love this software. For competition rockets this software is FANTASTIC!
- Martin Verna

Your product is simple and to the point. Anyone who is interested in rocketry should have this product. AND YOU CAN QUOTE ME!
- Chuck Stouffe

Engage your students with a great course!

SpaceCAD is the perfect add-on for classrooms, because it allows you to:

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